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Sandy Berger gives up law license


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In a written statement issued by Larry Breuer, Mr. Berger's attorney, the former national security adviser said he pleaded guilty in the Justice Department investigation, accepted the penalties sought by the department and recognized that his law license would be affected.


In giving up his license, Mr. Berger avoids being cross-examined by the Board on Bar Counsel, where he risked further disclosure of specific details of his theft. The agreement is expected to be formalized today.


WTH? Is there such a word? Would it not be plead?

What kind of dirt does Clinton have on him to make him ruin his own life in a very bad attempt to hide stuff from the days of the Clinton Adm? He didnt get anything btw. He just got copies. This is the single stoopidest thing in politics. He did no good and got shelled for it and looked stoopid all the while. Yet was defended by Moonbat Leftos the world over.

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