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Jimmy John's


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The company I work for brings in lunch for us inside sales people at the end of every month to keep us in and on the phone. I've been here for nearly 5 years and today they brought in Jimmy John's subs for the 1st time. It actually says on the top of the box "It's Jimmy-licious!" HA!

Me and my fellow AU co-workers have had A LOT of fun with the bammers this morning...

"So, do you think that's actually salt in those little packs?"

"How does someone go from cocaine and pit bulls to subs?"

"Everbody should have a great close out being that those sandwiches are laced"

"I said it's Great To Be from Chowder-loosa"

I had to share this one...

It's all in good fun. They only respond by saying "Got 12?" Then I send them the link to JJ Kennedy's article breaking down each of the 12.

30 days and counting... WDE!!!!

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