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US Senator urges delay in Arizona immigration law


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WASHINGTON — A key US Senator urged Arizona's governor in a letter released Thursday to help postpone implementation of the southwestern state's new immigration law, which critics charge enshrines racial profiling.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer urged Governor Jan Brewer to work with Arizona's legislature to put off the measure in order to let the US Congress work on a comprehensive overhaul of US immigration policy.

"I therefore ask you to call on Arizona's legislature to delay the date of enactment of SB 1070 for 1 year in order to permit Congress sufficient time to enact comprehensive immigration reform to address Arizona's security needs," he said in the letter.

Schumer urged Brewer to ask Arizona's Republican senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl, to join talks aimed at crafting the overhaul legislation, saying the bill "cannot pass unless members from both sides of the aisle work together to reach a compromise.

Opponents of the law say that if police demand papers from someone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant, and they turn out to be a US citizen, their constitutional rights will have been infringed.

A long legal battle over the law is likely, possibly centering on a clause of the US Constitution which protects people from unreasonably being stopped and searched.

The new law, however, is popular in Arizona, one of a group of border states in which fury over illegal immigration runs high.

Supporters say it is needed to secure the state's porous southern border, one of the main entry points for illegal migrants into the United States.

The law was tweaked in response to charges that it enshrined racial profiling, but rights activists say that the changes did little to ease their concerns.

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Chuck Schumer needs to keep his nose out of their business.

The new law in Arizona doesn't infringe on someones rights. Some people are just plain stupid.

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