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Game of his Life


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Sorry if this has been posted. I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

Why Cam Newton Will Have The Game Of His Life In Tuscaloosa


Vaunted defense?

I see this phrase mentioned a lot: "Bama will stop Cam Newton".

Weird thing about that is, South Carolina said that too. So did Arkansas. So did LSU. So did Kentucky. So did Georgia.

It's one thing to say you can. Then you step on the field and look into the eyes of this 6-6, 250 lb. monster.

It doesn't matter if you have the "correct" scheme to contain him... actually, I'll take that back. There is NO correct scheme to contain him, because it hasn't been done and can't be done.

Cam Newton is a big-time player. Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. Folks, I believe this is a big-time game. Cam has been his best in big games. He accounted for 217 rushing yards against LSU, 334 total yards against South Carolina, 299 total yards against Georgia and 338 yards against Georgia. Not to mention he had a game this year in which he threw for 317 yards... in the first half.

The Tide's "vaunted" defense surrendered over 400 yards to LSU and made Jordan Jefferson look like Joe Montana.

Jordan freaking Jefferson!

Who can forget how easily the South Carolina Gamecocks made it look against Bama's defense? 35 points, and Garcia went 17-20 in the game and connected plenty of times with Alshon Jefferey.

Here are ten reasons why I believe Cam Newton will bag up the Heisman in Tuscaloosa with the best game of his career.

1. Bama's false sense of security.

They have won 20 consecutive games at Bryant-Denny, true. It is true that in those 20 games, the highest point total given up by Alabama is 20 points. But none of those 20 opponents are even nearly as good as the 2010 Auburn Tigers. Bama claims to have a "better defense at home". How many good offenses have gone in Tuscaloosa this year? Florida? Epic fail. Penn State? Epic fail. Mississippi State or Ole Miss? Dead wrong. If you honestly believe Bama's "home defense" will hold Cam's offense to 3 points like everyone else, try again.

2. He's just an absolute beast no matter what.

He has 20 passing TDs, 17 rushing TDs and a receiving TD. Nobody has learned how to stop... no, even contain the guy!

3. If any defense could have stopped him, it's LSU.

How did LSU fare against Newton? Didn't LSU have the third-ranked defense in the nation? Didn't they have studs like Drake Nevis, Kelvin Sheppard and Patrick Peterson? Well, that didn't stop Newton. He did go 10-16 for 86 yards, but when you barely try to pass, you won't tack up many yards. But the real story was running. Auburn ran for 440 yards, 217 off the legs of Cam Newton. Alabama's defense wishes it was as good as LSU's.

4. No pressure of being the favorite.

Last time I checked, two-loss Alabama was favored by five over 11-0 Auburn. HOW? Because Alabama is Alabama. They will always be favored to beat Auburn by simple virtue that they're Alabama. Unlike last year for Alabama, Auburn will try to finish 12-0 without any pressure whatsoever. Everybody expects Auburn to lose, so neither Cam Newton nor any other players or coaches feel added pressure.

5. Clog the middle and you're dead.

If Alabama tries to bring in eight in the box and blitz, Bama will be destroyed in so many ways. Their defensive line is just awful--- not nearly good enough to get past Auburn's offensive line, which is the best college football has seen in a few years. Bama's D-Line will be ineffective, it's obvious. So if Bama is going to risk keeping Linebackers in to blitz or stop the inside run, then Cam can either:

1) Hand off to McCalebb around the corner. See ya.

2) Still run up the middle and fall forward for four yards anyways.

3) Throw the ball against Bama's inexperienced and sometimes dreadful secondary, especially across the middle. If Bama clogs the middle, then Emory Blake and Philip Lutzenkirchen are going to carve Alabama up all game---s o much that they'll throw a little party on their way to the end zone.

6. Don't clog the middle and... you're still dead.

If you don't clog the middle, then Newton will run wild behind that senior offensive line that has pushed everybody back this season. Dyer will also sneak his way through for big runs. McCalebb still has the speed, and Bama's secondary isn't exactly legendary, even at home. Cam can still make those throws.

7. Big players make big plays in big games.

I think this is a big game....

8. Auburn is due for a big win.

After losing two straight and having morons in their mothers' basements like Thayer Evans spreading garbage about Cam Newton and having Mississippi State boosters present different stories with no proof, Auburn is due for a monster game. Auburn deserves this game. I wonder where those Bama fans are that greeted Chizik at the airport...

9. Gus Malzahn.

Last year, an average offense at Auburn played well against a Tide defense that's 10X better than this years' version. Auburn has a better offense and Bama's defense is worse. Gus Malzahn is on fire in playcalling right now.

10. Auburn will truly let Cam loose now.

I think Cam Newton will have the best game of his life in this game. It's setting up for 101,000 shocked people in red. They have no clue what's really coming to Bryant-Denny Stadium. Cam will be the leader of the offense in this game and will his team to victory.


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Those are perfect world scenarios... I would obviously take them.

Lets hope we don't start out like we did against Georgia.. which if not for our amazing offense this year(and home field), would have been the 2009 Arkansas game all over again.

I think this game comes down to Alabama's offense against our defense. Can we stop their WRs - who are quite good? I am not sold on our run defense. Yes, it is pretty good - and nothing close to our pass defense (as far as crap).. but when teams quit running the ball and throw every down, its easy to not give up a lot of rushing yards.

War Eagle! I am trying to contain any over confident thoughts. hah

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I think this game comes down to Alabama's offense against our defense. Can we stop their WRs - who are quite good? I am not sold on our run defense. Yes, it is pretty good - and nothing close to our pass defense (as far as crap).. but when teams quit running the ball and throw every down, its easy to not give up a lot of rushing yards.

Ahhah...have faith, grasshoppah. One sentence to calm your negativity. Nick Fairley versus the second-worst pass protection in the SEC...repeat that a few times, let it sink in. :big:


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