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Student protest for Tuberville scheduled for tomorrow


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The protest has been set up and here are the details for those of you that would like to attend!!

Tuesday December 9, 2008


Starting on the concourse in between Haley and the Student Center, walking to President Gogue's.


It is well known by many of those in the Auburn family that Jay Jacobs is naught but a tool of those on the Board of Trustees, including Lowder. Jacobs does whatever he is instructed to do, which in this case meant getting rid of Tuberville. Tuberville loves Auburn and he along with his staff have done many great things for our great university, none to deserve the fate that they have received. If you feel the same way as we do, please support us in our quest to send a message to President Gogue. War Eagle and God Bless Tuberville and his staff in their new job searches.


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My brother made a bunch of Car Magnets that say, " Tubs is still my coach " If anyone wants them I can get them for you. They are $5.00 in person or $10.00 if we have to mail them to you.

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