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What can we hope for on Defensive Stats?


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.....In regards to defense next year statistically...If we had 2004's defense is there ANY way we could still only allow 11 pts per game? It just seems to me that no matter how much talent we have on D, it's somewhat inevitable that AU's defense can't be quite as good statistically as years past due to the Offense being such a quick-strike setup. Time of posession will most likely be skewed in our opponent's favor, correct? That being said, we only got really "blown out" in 2 games this year, so I think our defense (while the worst in Auburn's history) still wasn't TERRIBLE considering we finished middle of the pack,(68th nationally) and 3 out of our 5 losses were by 7 pts or less.  I may be wrong in these assumptions....but i guess I'm just not used to seeing Auburn have this type of Offense, therefore I'm not quite sure what to expect for when we get some depth back on defense....Can someone with more knowledge please fill me in on some realistic expectations/ what kind of defensive numbers would balance out to a championship team with a high scoring, high tempo offense?

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