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Solidarity says "See ya, Dubya"


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George W. Bush is a jackass!


Noun 1. jackass - a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

Solidarity says "See ya, Dubya"

Found this link somewhere while browsing.

I love it, see ya George.


Dubya lost Ohio. Hee, Hee, Hee!

This has taken place especially in swing states like Ohio, where the determination to remove George W. Bush has inspired a record signup.

In Cuyahoga County alone, which includes Cleveland, 235,000 Ohioans have registered, more than double the number in 2000. That includes 100,000 people who registered for the first time.

“I think it is absolutely unprecedented both in the numbers of people who have registered and in the number of groups involved in the registration effort,” said Judy Gallo, co-convener of the Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Coalition. “To the extent these newly registered voters turn out to vote — and are not disenfranchised — they will have a tremendous impact on the election in Ohio.”

Bush carried Ohio by only 165,019 votes in 2000. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the new registrations are 10 to 1 Democratic. John Kerry’s clear victory in the first televised debate has erased Bush’s lead nationally and narrowed it in Ohio.

And that's just Ohio. Dubya will lose or there is a conspiracy.

Great article about solidarity among us all.



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Faith-Based Socialism Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

In much shorter terms......solidarity is Kerry, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.


No, solidarity is American as apple pie.


We are all part of one human family -- whatever our national, racial, religious, economic or ideological differences - and in an increasingly interconnected world, loving our neighbor has global dimensions.


A unanimity of attitude or purpose between members of a group or class, captured in the slogan, "All For one, and one for all."




"I don't have to live in their skin. I only have to live in mine, but I don't know how they reconcile it -- the senseless killing, that they're doing it in the name of our country," said Rosie Pudish, a Catholic laywoman from upstate New York who's protesting against the institute for the first time.

"The heart of Jesus' spirituality was justice," said Taugher. "Over time I have discovered that the heart of my spirituality should be justice too. Justice is about right relationships -- with God, ourselves, creation. It's a re-ordering of relationships."

Bush is still a jackass! :lol::lol::lol::moon::moon:



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