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Cheney Led Halliburton To Feast at Federal Trough

State Department Questioned Deal With Firm Linked to Russian Mob

By Knut Royce and Nathaniel Heller

WASHINGTON, August 2, 2000 — Under the guidance of Richard Cheney, a get-the-government-out-of-my-face conservative, Halliburton Company over the past five years has emerged as a corporate welfare hog, benefiting from at least $3.8 billion in federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans.

One of these loans was approved in April by the U.S. Export-Import Bank. It guaranteed $489 million in credits to a Russian oil company whose roots are imbedded in a legacy of KGB and Communist Party corruption, as well as drug trafficking and organized crime funds, according to Russian and U.S. sources and documents.


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