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We need to pull for GA, TN, LSU, AL


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I know it's very hard to do, but we actually have to pull for GA, TN, ALA, LSU, ARKY and everybody else we have played this year. You see, the computer polls all take into account strength of schedule. Take GA for instance, a couple of the computer polls use wins over Top 10 teams. We need GA to be in the Top 10. Same for Tenn.

Auburn has an uphill struggle if we win out. Every little bit will help. I have always said that I pull for teams that can help Auburn...and trust me, pulling for these teams will be the hardest thing I have ever done (and I'm not so sure that deep down inside I'll be pulling against my better judgement).

WDE!!!!!!!! Beat Ole Miss!!!!

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Sorry but a 2 loss team is probably not in the top 10 at the end of the season.

We need to take care of ourselves.

We win out we go.

We take care of each game as they come and the rest will fall into place.

:cheer::ua: ....... :puke::puke::puke:

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As for me and MY family, We will "pull" for the AUBURN TIGERS ! ! ! ! :au:


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I agree that it looks best for Au for the teams we beat to have the best record they can. However, although the SOS is still used, it has been serverely de-emphasised.

If we have any shot at the NCG we have to have USC/OK/UM to get upset and then get enough of their votes to move to #2.

Our first concern is to take care of business on the field. If we don't all this talk is useless anyway. If USC/OK/UM and AU win out...you could be looking at a split NC again. With the winner of OK/USC and UM/AU claiming one half each.

The wildcard here is IF we win out, look good doing it and win easily over UGA/UT, then we may move up.

Right now it's Ole Miss and only Ole Miss in our sites...AU bent on revenge...I hope this one is ugly for Ole Miss even though history says it'll be within 8 points. We need a very strong and convincing win Saturday night!

But ladies and gentlemen...it's very simply ONE GAME AT A TIME!

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If UA were playing the College of the Devils, I would still have a tough time pulling for them. I would have to give a prayer before the game asking the Lord for forgiveness of the sins I'm about to commit, and then yell Go Devils during the game.

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ALL strength of schedule factors were removed from the BCS including the computers. The computer people were told to remove it from their formulas or they would be excluded.

EDIT: More research shows I am wrong. All scoring margin components were removed, not SOS. Sorry.

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you are an idiot if you cant see how ga lsu tenn and arkansas winning out(except ga to us of course)would help us. if our conference looks stronger and we have wins over 5 or 6 bowl eligible teams, obviously voters will take that into consideration even if the computers dont(which they still do to a smaller degree). i really think some of you people are football illiterate.

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the BCS still uses the strenght of Schedule.

here is an article describing it, just one example:

BCS right to keep strength of schedule

Our view

October 19, 2004


The BCS was right to keep strength of schedule a part of the ranking system.

The BCS formula was revamped (see story, page 1) after a split national championship between USC and LSU caused controversy in the college football world at the end of last season. The new formula takes human polls into account for two-thirds of a team’s ranking.

When the BCS announced it was undergoing changes to its formula, most people were under the assumption that strength of schedule would be dismissed altogether. The initial strength of schedule component was removed, but the computer ratings kept their own version of the element.

No doubt most OU fans were upset when they found out that their team was not ranked No. 2 like most sports experts projected.

However, when they discover why they are ranked No. 3 they might not be as upset.

The reason OU is ranked lower than expected is because OU has had only one true away game (OU-Texas was played on a neutral field). So far, OU has only played one away game and only one ranked team.

But OU has several away games ahead, and that will cause its points to increase, especially when the Sooners go to College Station to take on No. 17-ranked Texas A&M or Stillwater to take on No. 22-ranked OSU.

The strength-of-schedule element keeps the teams who have an incredibly easy schedule from getting a lot of recognition if they go unbeaten.

Right now, if strength of schedule didn’t amount to anything, Boise State could be topping polls.

OU fans may cringe at being ranked No. 3, but OU’s stock will rise as its schedule grows more intense.

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Computers were instructed to disregard margin of victory, not strength of schedule.

The computer rankings have to regard a win as a win regardless of how close

the game was. Which is pretty dumb. All of them had diminishng returns for

extremely large margins of victory.

So when a computer has to decide if one 7-0 team is better than another 7-0 team,

and it is required to ignore the score how does it figure out which team to rank higher?

You can call it whatever you want, but 'Strength of Schedule' is the only sensible

name for it that I can come up with.

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SOS is still in there, dont let anyone tell you different.

it is just not a single isolated part of it now.

the computers may disregard margin of victory, but the AP and Coaches Polls dont.

that is one thing that has hurt us a litttle in my opinion. we dont run up the score like USCum or OKsoonerthanlaters or UM for that matter (when they can)

what kills me is that Cal and Louisville didnt get hurt by losing to these teams while our opponents sunk five to ten spots after a loss to us.

human bias

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I think they should have left the system the way it was except for 1 thing. All the teams in BCS play a Championship Game or none do.

The system worked last year as far as determining who should playin the game except when you consider the conference championship.

Also the reason they developed the SOS was because of the Human polls. They are both biased and you saw it last year and again this year. How many people think USC is the best team this year. Right now i would say it is between Auburn and Oklahoma.

You think last year was bad just wait until 4 teams finish undefeated and then you will have the outcry of playoff screamed louder.

What is so wrong with taking the top 4 BCS teams and have them play in the rotating bowl system and the winner of those two games playing for the Nat. Championship.

It only adds 1 week to the season and settles it once and for all.

Take this human bias out of it.

Geaux LSU Tigers

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Don't worry guys. If we don't win out or do and then get the high hard one from the BCS, we can still pull a USC and claim some other championship from another poll and call ourselves, "CO-CHAMPIONS".

War Damn Eagle and Beat Cold Piss!!!

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that is right, a conference with no title game should be penalized, not the other way around.

also, i dont think that there will be an AP NC like last year since the AP is now part of the BCS.

there may be more than one deserving team (with possibly three or four unbeatens), but only a BCS NC.

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Well, since Bama plays LSU, I have no problem hoping for LSU to improve their poll standing by beating the Tide.

I doubt MSU or Bama will count for much in our SOS calculations regardless of what happens between them (and again, they're both on our schedule so it's kind of a wash), so I have no problem hoping Croom gets another "signature win"

I want Georgia to be as highly ranked as possible when we play 'em, so I guess I'll be pulling against the Gators this weekend. Not my usual stance for the Jacksonville Cocktail party--I've been pulling for the Gators over the Dogs for the last few years. I may change my team if SOS returns to Gainseville..

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