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College Hockey - Frozen 4 "David beats Goliath"


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Just thought I would post this as I found it really cool. College had its annual tournament to crown the Mens Hockey National Champ. The final 4 is called the "Frozen 4".

The teams that made it were: U of Minn. Boston College, U of North Dakota, and Union College.

Union beat #1 overall seed Boston College 5-4 to advance to the final.

Minn beat U of North Dakota 2-1 to advance to the final.

So, Union and Minn. played for the title.

Minn has 52,000 plus students and recruits and gives schollies for Hockey. They have won several National titles in Hockey.

Union is a small 2,200 student liberal arts college in NY State. Hockey is the only sport they compete in Division 1 college sports. They give no athletic schollies. They do give financial aid where they can.

Anyway, Union won the game, 7-4. David vs Goliath. It was amazing to watch, which I did because my dad went to Union College. I felt like I watched the Hockey version of Hoosiers. Crazy, watch one day they may make this into a film.

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