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My thoughts on SECCG and Sugar Bowl


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First of all, I am so proud of this team. All year they have not been given much of a chance to be where they are by the media. The BCS, The Gameday Crew, and others can just take a hike! The coaches have done a great job of getting the team ready to play each week. The win over :ut: was just icing on the cake (Who is the better team this week Burnett?)

Although :ut: had several penalties called on them, some of the most obvious were not called. The reason that Riggs ran so well was due to big time holds by UT on our ends and Corners. Their linemen practically tore the jerseys off our guys the whole game. On the short TD run for :ut: their WR(?) literally spun our CB around by the jersey to set up the run and continued to hold him until the play was over. If those calls were made, :ut: may not have scored.

I give CTT credit for trying to do somethign he hasn't all year: Having a bigger set and trying to run the score up. Although our QB throws a very bad pass into the endzone and gets it intercepted at the half, at least we tried. A throw away and field goal attempt would have been the way to go, though.

The punter: What the heck is his problem? The snap wasn't so bad that he could have not handled it. There is 7 points we should not have been in the position to give up.

Orange Bowl: Forget it and move on. Who didn't know, all year, that no matter what we did, we weren't going to Miami. We are Auburn and we always get the shaft in these things. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

Sugar Bowl: If the coaches and players don't get over their dissapointment very quickly, we will get beat and beat bad in New Orleans. Even CTT said last night, that there was a subdued feeling in the locker room. I just hope the team is ready to play their best game of the year. Yes, again we need a blowout win to have ANY chance to get the AP vote. It won't happen, but that's all we have to play for. 13-0 will look good.

If Auburn is awarded ANY National Championship this year,(NY Times for example) I would claim it if I were in charge over there! This would the one time to do something like that! A 13-0 record, SEC Champions and Sugar Bowl Champs are all we need on a resume! Claim it, print it, and put it in the record books! I mean if one SEC school (no names here, but it rhymes with "tried")can claim an MNC when they didn't even win their conference, then Auburn can certainly claim, and rightfully so, this one.

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