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Auburn special edition creates buzz

By: Patrick Johnston - Tribune sports editor

Brad Hutcheson was one of many Auburn fans disappointed Wednesday morning when he learned the Tigers finished No. 2 in most major college football polls.

Then he learned about The Eufaula Tribune, which awarded Auburn its national championship Wednesday.

Hutcheson, a former Auburn student who now lives just northeast of Atlanta, was pleased to learn of the honor.

"I think it's great they were voted No. 1," Hutcheson said Thursday. "I don't think people understand how hard (the Auburn players) worked. To commemorate the season, and vote them national champions was the best thing to do."

The Tribune is now selling an eight-page special edition highlighting the Tigers' 13-0 season.

The Tribune will also mail the edition to any location in the United States. For more information, call Cindy Pastre at 334-687-3506. The shipping and handling fee is included in the cost of mail orders.

Tommy Tuberville's squad received all six first-place votes in The Tribune's poll. Staff writers for The Tribune participated in the poll, which was released at the conclusion of the bowl season.

The Tribune staff voted on the poll after the Orange Bowl game between Oklahoma and Southern California.

The poll received statewide buzz Wednesday evening. Television stations in Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery and Columbus, Ga., all mentioned the poll results in their sportscasts.

WRBL-Channel 3 in Columbus and WSFA-Channel 12 in Montgomery both mentioned the poll at least twice, in the afternoon and late night newscasts.

The Mobile Register and The Birmingham News also mentioned the poll in stories published Thursday.

"The Eufaula Tribune newspaper, seizing on local discontent about the BCS, proclaimed Auburn No. 1 by a vote of its staff on Wednesday, and even issued a press release touting the news," the article states.

The Tribune has received numerous orders for the section from towns and cities as close as Dothan to as far away as San Francisco.

While numerous Auburn fans from across Alabama have ordered the section, fans from many other states including California, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia and Texas have ordered the section, which is sure to become a collector's item.

Several football fans had already posted their opinions on the poll by Thursday morning on www.eufaulatribune.com. The reaction was mixed.

"You have to be blind," opinion poster Bert Lowery said. "This offense of the Trojans would never have been stopped by Auburn. The run defense would have stopped Auburn's running game. You can't even compare the passing game of Auburn to Oklahoma's. Wake up Alice-You are no longer in Wonderland."

One person identified as "Bama Fan Forever" was even harsher.

"This is the most asinine thing that the paper has ever done," the poster said. "If you can't sell papers with a real story, just make one up."

Not all the opinions were negative.

Evans Dorsey stated, "Great! Thank you for voting Auburn No. 1. I know your poll means a lot to the team, coaches and fans. It means a lot to me. God bless you all and War Eagle!"

A person identified as "Response to Bert" rebutted Lowery's comments.

"We'll never know if Auburn could have stopped the Trojans' offense because of the BCS," the poster said. "You must not be aware Auburn's defense was first in the nation in scoring defense."

Tuberville was notified about The Tribune award Wednesday while he was in Miami. Arrangements are being made for The Tribune to present Tuberville a professionally framed copy of the special edition in the next few days.

While the edition will not be distributed to Tribune subscribers, it is available at the Tribune's East Barbour Street office (across from the Eufaula Police Department.)

It will also be sold by following vendors:

* Crown Station

* Lakeside Oil

* R Bees

* Tackle Box

* The Q

* Weeks Big Cat

* Heritage BP

* Neighborhood Grocery

* Peddler No. 5

* Super C

* Peddler No. 3

* The Do-Nut King

* Williams Barber Shop

* Oasis Mart

* A&L Printing

* Price Drugs

©Eufaula Tribune 2005

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My Roomate Jumbo, has order around 4-5 Copies....Yesterday or Wednesday. I can't wait to Freakin' get it....We Are The Champions.......Why, some Alabamer fans may ask......Because we Beat everyone that was willing to play us.....Remember USuCk Tucked Tail when we said Anytime Anywhere......Oh Yeah, and we Stomped Alabamer at Our Stadium this past year.....War "BY GOD" Eagle

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