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Right wing media influence


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Many conservatives strongly believe the mainstream media is, at best, the flip side of the right wing media. Many think the right wing media is fair and objective and the MSM is hopelessly biased in the extreme. Most progressives look at the MSM and don't consider it an ally at all. This study shows that despite whatever progressive political inclinations many in the MSM have, it is driven by the right.

"We have a less exotic, but perhaps more disconcerting explanation: Our own study of over 1.25 million stories published online between April 1, 2015 and Election Day shows that a right-wing media network anchored around Breitbart developed as a distinct and insulated media system, using social media as a backbone to transmit a hyper-partisan perspective to the world. This pro-Trump media sphere appears to have not only successfully set the agenda for the conservative media sphere, but also strongly influenced the broader media agenda, in particular coverage of Hillary Clinton."


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