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Teacher suspended after student's Trump T-shirt censored in yearbook


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The yearbook advisor at a central New Jersey high school had been suspended after the President Trump logo on students’ clothing vanished from their final photo.

Grant Berardo, 17, says that he was shocked to find his “Trump: Make America Great Again” shirt had lost its political message in Wall High School’s “Behind the Scenes” book for 2016-2017.

Wall Township School Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said that the district is investigating why that image, and Trump’s name on another student’s sweater vest, were wiped out.

Another student’s quotation from Trump beneath her freshman class president photo also did not make the cut.

Dyer’s office confirmed to the Daily News Monday that an unidentified yearbook adviser was suspended pending an investigation.

Mrs. Susan Parsons is listed as the yearbook adviser on Wall High’s website.

Details about the suspension were not immediately available.

Dyer had previously told News that there was nothing in the school’s dress code that would prevent support for a political figure, and that administrators were not aware of the missing missive until after the yearbooks were distributed.


Berardo’s father Joe Berardo Jr., who views the picture swap as a freedom of speech issue, has said that he will not be satisfied until corrected yearbooks are reissued, and could pursue legal action if they are not.

The elder Berardo, the 51-year-old CEO of health services company Concordia Care, said that he met with Dyer and the high school's principal on Monday and that they are working towards a solution as the school year winds down.

He said that a reprint and stickets to put inside the books are being considered as possible remedies, and that he views the experience as a "teaching moment" rather than a political fight.

As for his son, a rising senior, the father says his teen has taken the controversy in stride and quipped the other day, "I was struggling to find a topic for my college essay. I've got a lot of material now."

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Teacher Allegedly Kicked Students out of Class for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Shirts


On Sunday, a Georgia school district is apologizing after a math teacher allegedly kicked two students out of class for wearing “Make America Great Again” shirts.

“Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower is deeply sorry that this incident happened in one of our schools,” said Cherokee County Schools spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby in a statement obtained byThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It does not reflect his expectation that all students be treated equally and respectfully by our employees.” She said the shirts didn’t violate the district’s dress code.

The shirt incident reportedly happened Thursday. Jacob declined to say what’s going to happen to the teacher, who wasn’t identified. But she insisted that the students wouldn’t face any discipline. The school’s principal apologized to the kids, she said.

Hightower ordered principals district-wide to review the dress code with school employees, and tell them not to share their political opinions.

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Cherokee teacher: Why I objected to ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts in class


When River Ridge High School math teacher Lyn Orletsky instructed two boys in her pre-calculus class to turn their “Make America Great Again” T-shirts inside out to conceal the slogan, her motivation was not political, she said. After teaching five years in conservative Cherokee County where nearly three out of four voters endorsed Donald Trump in November, Orletsky had seen many pro Trump shirts in her classroom.

But this was Aug. 31, two weeks after white supremacists and Neo Nazis adopted “Make America Great Again” as their rallying cry in Charlottesville, Va. A counterdemonstrator was killed and others injured when one of the marchers drove his car intentionally into a crowd. Orletsky feared the slogan would intimidate the minority students who comprised a third of her math class that morning.

“I told the boys, in light of everything that has happened, I don’t think this is an appropriate slogan to be wearing at school. Could they please go to the restroom and turn the shirt inside out?” said Orletsky in an interview Thursday morning in Marietta, her first since the story made national headlines last week.

The boys asked what was wrong with the slogan. The math teacher explained it had been commandeered by white supremacist movement, as the swastika had been by Nazis. Recast by hate groups, the campaign slogan could affect some of their classmates in a negative way, she said, explaining, “There is nothing wrong with a shirt of President Trump. The problem is with the slogan.”

Her request to the boys — captured on grainy student cellphone video and given to a conservative website — has led to death threats, her removal from her classroom and AP calculus students without a teacher. To read more about this controversial case that has dominated conservative political websites, go to the AJC Get Schooled site. There is also a video interview with Orletsky there.


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