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Hey all.   I've never been to a volleyball match and have no plans to go in the future.   I do have a friend who is very closely involved and he says our new coach is awesome and is making huge strides.   Here is the problem, we have some very highly regarded recruits, and we need a little NIL help.  As I said, I'm not a volleyball person, but I am an Auburn person and if our girls roll out a team in underwater marbles, I want them to have a fighting chance.   I just made a donation.   It is super easy.  Go to "On to Victory" click on other ways to give, click on donate by credit card, enter the amount ($50 or $100 would be awesome) make sure you click on one time for the frequency.   Anything you can do would be awesome!!!!! 

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9 hours ago, TigerPAC said:

What is that ^^^


@LPTigeri think I heard Vball is ranked 25 currently, so making huge strides

It looks like an advertisement for a new poster’s business from Indonesia. Very suspicious.  Reported.

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