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Roughrider Smith, HIV-positive, in custody

Canadian Press

10/29/2005 2:51:07 PM

SURREY, B.C. (CP) - A member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a B.C. woman and police revealed Friday he is HIV-positive.

Trevis Smith was arrested Friday morning in Regina and is being held under police custody in Surrey, BC. He will make his first court appearance in Surrey on Thursday. RCMP said disclosing an accused criminal's medical status was unusual but felt a public warning about Smith's HIV-positive status was necessary.

Police said in a news release that anyone who may have had sexual contact with him and is concerned about exposure to HIV should immediately see their doctor or go to a clinic for testing, as well as contact police in relation to their investigation.

RCMP said its Surrey, B.C., detachment received a complaint a few months ago about an alleged sexual assault and after an investigation the Crown approved a charge of one count of aggravated sexual assault.

Smith, 29, was arrested on a Canada-wide warrant.

He has played on the Regina-based Canadian Football League team for the last seven seasons.


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Yet another one!? :blink:

Sad...just sad.

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I guess you want Coach Shula to sit him out against MSU...  :rolleyes:


How would Shula have anything to do with this? I read the story and posted it here, it has nothing to do with Shula.

But I did find the article title to be somewhat humorous.

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