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The Shroud of Bear...

DKW 86

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From that link:

... It seems well taken care of, though the owner did confess to having taken it once to a game in Knoxville, where he waved it around like a Terrible Towel in order, he said, "to get some of it on 'em." ...

Of course, there is always the possibility of this "fan" lying about the whole thing much less taking this holy relic to a UT game & waving it around. Still, there is that eerie feeling of not being able to completely dismiss this story as untrue. I mean, without seeing the pictures I wouldn't have believed a fan would tatoo his whole back in homage to a football coach nor would I believe a fan would make a stuffed figurine of a football coach with a miniture stuffed figurine representing the fairy spirit of yet another football coach sitting on the first coach's shoulders and mount the whole weird display on top of an RV and think that was normal behavior. But hey, what do I know? We're talking bammie fan behavior which every year is proving to be stranger than fiction. Just when you think the obsession has reached its zenith, along comes another bizarre example and resets the standard. {God, help us.}

Thank the Lord that I can say: It's GREAT to be AN AUBURN TIGER! :au: WDE

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