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Offensive Preview 2006


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Here are some of the highlights, but you should definitely take the time to read the whole thing.


When we first met Brandon Cox, we he seemed like the regular good ole’ boy southern quarterback, the SEC is so accustomed to. We were wrong. Brandon Cox turned out to be a cold, calculating, detached from all emotion machine.


Running Backs

Auburn has been completely spoiled this past decade with phenomenal running backs. Still, we need to make sure we don’t expect too much from Kenny Irons. The truth is, it very well may take him three entire games to reach the 1000 yard mark.


Kenny obviously has the job, but what will the coaches do with Tre? Even fans such as myself who drink orange and blue Kool-Aid and think the Tigers can do no wrong wondered why the coaches started Tre Smith against Georgia Tech instead of Kenny Irons.

Was it affirmative action for white running backs?



Courtney Taylor’s back. Awesome. Cole Bennett’s back too. His hands are not the best; but he’s so freakin’ huge, his personal gravitational pull sucks in footballs thrown anywhere near his atmosphere. Prechae Rodriguez and Rodgeriqus Smith are upcoming receiving stars who fill the shoes of Obomanu and Aromoshodu as Auburn receivers with odd/cool names that kinda sound the same.


Offensive Line

Do you remember your Alabama friend who blamed Alabama’s loss on their center being injured? Remember, our center was injured as well. Jonathan Palmer played outside his position to fill the hole and did so perfectly. He also wins points because he’s an electrical engineering student- putting him somewhere between Georg Ohm and Nikola Tesla on the list of the worlds greatest electrical engineers.

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