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County lawn workers re-enact "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"

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Old management: Empowerment, inclusion. New management: Baseball bat to the head. You've got to admire a dude who takes his lawn cutting seriously.

Bat, Trimmer, Hammer Used in Lawn Brawl

FRUIT COVE, Fla. - The supervisor went for a bat. The employee whipped out a weed trimmer. Another worker used a hammer to break up the fight.

That's the scene St. Johns County authorities described Tuesday after a lawn service supervisor criticized one of his worker's grass-cutting skills, The Florida Times-Union reported.

Lance Tywan Wamley, 26, of Hollywood, Fla., is charged with threatening several men with a 34-inch baseball bat and then hitting one man in the chest. The worker, Eric J. Torres, 23, defended himself with a weed trimmer, authorities said.

Another worker, armed with a hammer, broke up the scuffle, authorities said.

Torres was treated at a hospital. Wamley was charged with felony assault and battery. Information on his legal representation was not available Thursday.


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