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Lindy's picked by Wall Street Journal as most accurate of preseason magazines

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Lindy's picked by Wall Street Journal as most accurate of preseason magazines

Monday, August 28, 2006

Lindyssports.com staff


Lindy's Football magazine has been tabbed as the most accurate in the nation by no less than the Wall Street Journal.

In the Journal's weekend edition, writer Russell Adams wrote: "By the time Boston College and Central Michigan University kick off the college-football season next week, dozens of magazines, Web sites and newspapers will have weighed in with their predictions on this year's top 25 teams. If recent history is any guide, most of these prognosticators will be wrong.

Except possibly for Lindy's Football Annuals. Hardly a household name, the company has a full-time staff of eight and a small office in Birmingham, Ala. But twice in the past five years, Lindy's predicted the teams that would play in the national-title game, and just last year it nailed 18 of the teams that finished the season in the top 25. That makes Lindy's one of college football's most accurate fortunetellers."

The Wall street Journal article goes on to list Lindy's Top 10 picks for the upcoming season with an explanation by each one from Anthony Gimino, Lindy's college football editor.

To come to its conclusion, the Wall Street Journal used Shane Reese, a statistics professor at Brigham Young University, to check its formula and its numbers. The newspaper checked the records of 12 of the most widely-read college football magazines" Lindy's, CPA Rankings, Phil Steele, the Associated Press poll, Sporting News, Playboy, Street & Smith, CBS Sportsline, Game Plan, ATS Consultants, Sports Illustrated and Athlon.

The paper compared each publication's Top 25 predictions as to how each team finished in the final Associated Press poll. The Top 10 teams received a greater value than the teams that finished 11 through 25. A publication was penalized if it picked a team in its Top 25 that failed to finish in the final AP Top 25. It also was given bonus points if it picked the two teams in the national championship game.

Of all the magazines surveyed, Lindy's was found to have the best percentage over the past five years and predicting the Top 10 teams.

This season, Lindy's predicts Notre Dame as the No. 1 team in the nation followed by Ohio State, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, USC, Oklahoma, Auburn, California and LSU.

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So now they're making predictions about the accuracy of predictions???

Anything to sell a paper, I guess.

And Big Dude wins the Award! When all else fails, write a story about the people writing the stories. The epitome of bad writing...Oh yeah...

Big Dude


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Somewhere Phil Steele and his followers are crying...

Why I picked up his rag and read the strength of schedule piece. Pac 10 was 1-9 I threw it down. The cover said SEC toughest conference so not sure how that logic applies.

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