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Bama Bobo Honker of the Day


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Congratulations to al.com, the first two-time winner in the Bama Bobo Honking awards cavalcade. al.com earns the award for its sports page coverage today.

Let's see, which basketball team is currently on top of the SEC-W and just won a tough road game last night. Why that would be Auburn! So what would you expect to see on the al.com sports section? Let's check it out, shall we?

Lead story? Bama over LSU (with a photograph)

Above the fold (articles visibile without having to scroll down?)

The Birmingham News

• BJCC may get Tide-Hoyas, AU-W.Va.

• Road show (which is an article about AU's win, but since it doesn't name the teams or score...)

• By word of mouth


• Davidson sinks LSU

• Jags have Little for Privateers

• Bama coach tries to quell controversy

The Huntsville Times

• Davidson too much for LSU

• Saban statement puts slang term in 'proper context'

(Lurking just below the page is this article, from the HSV Times, but you have to scroll to see it)

• Tolbert's late-game heroics move Tigers to top of West

In the right hand gutter, there is a link to two columns (neither of which relate to Auburn basketball) and a block for "Alabama Football" with links to Saban stories and a block promoting these photo galleries:

NASCAR Testing

• Florida vs AU

• Ark vs Bama

• AU vs Bama Gymnastics

• JEFFCO Wrestling

So we've got explosive bobo honking as well as props to the South Alabama Jaguars. Way to go, al.com. You suck.

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OH NO...this has to be the one today...what a joke...covering for CAN's gaffe!!!



I still say give it to Finebaum.

The kid deserves it.

OK...but it'd have to be a lifetime achievement award. :roflol:


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