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World's worst Neighborhood Watch group identified

Tiger in Spain

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25-foot tall coconut palm tree stolen from yard in Delray

DELRAY BEACH – Police are on the lookout for a 25-foot tall coconut palm tree that was reported stolen from a yard on Wednesday.

Sylvio Pierre-Louis, 50, said he discovered the tree that had been on the east side of his home wasn't there anymore around 4 p.m.

Pierre-Louis valued the stolen tree at more than $400. He told police he gave no one permission to dig up and take the tree.

Another resident at home on the 2100 block of Dorson Way -- Fedric Adonus, 29 – told police a man came to the door on Wednesday and asked to buy the palm tree, but left when he was told it wasn't for sale.

Police are looking for the man who came to the door and are treating the missing tree case as a grand theft.


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Same type thing happened to my parent's neighbor.

Some guys were cutting down a massive basswood tree in the neighbor's yard close to the road. My dad goes comes home and asks the guys what they are doing, as the neighbor had commented to him before about this unusal tree. They said they had paid for the tree and mentioned the neighbor's name and that the neighbor had given them the go ahead to take it, when in reality they were stealing it.

Rednecks will steal anything.

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