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14 Republicans Are Running Against Bush

Tiger Al

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Repeat to Bosa the common myth that President Bush is running unopposed and you are in for a jab of his thick finger. There will be 14 Republicans listed on the New Hampshire presidential primary ballot besides the one who currently holds the office. Among them are Bosa, the former mayor of Berlin, in northern New Hampshire; Michael Callis, a bricklayer from Conway; and Robert Haines, who could safely be described as a colorful character familiar to patrons of the coffee shop Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth.

For both of them the central issue is the same: "Jobs, jobs, jobs," as Rigazio says; the loss of manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire and the nation, more broadly the neglect of the working stiff at the hands of "large worldwide corporations," more broadly still the triumph in America of a rich entitled blueblood class as embodied by President Bush.

"To those of us who listen to the MEDIA tell us that the RECESSION IS OVER and the JOBS are a LAGGING ECONOMIC INDICATOR but JOBS will soon PICK UP as the ECONOMIC RECOVERY PROGRESSES, I have to wonder HOW DUMB the media (who spread our government's FALSE FIGURES to us) think the public is."

Underlying all these efforts is a certain seething irritation with President Bush. David Gosselin, former chairman of the state Republican Party, ran ads and started a Web site this fall calling for a Republican to challenge President Bush in the primary. He has substantive disagreements with the president, about the war in Iraq, his treatment of big business. But mostly it comes down to "character," an issue that crystallized for him when he caught a ceremony on C-SPAN of an aircraft carrier being named for President George H.W. Bush. "Arrogant," Gosselin says. "I have something against this princeling succession. I'm just sick of sons of rich kids running the country, and it's about time someone challenged them," although he adds that the current crop of challengers is not "credible."


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I like this guy-Albert "Al" Hamburg of Wyoming.


He apparantly doesn't like illegal aliens, especially the Mexican kind, or "dopers".

Sterilize all dopers and illegal aliens.
Dopers and illegal aliens should not be allowed to have children.
Many illegal aliens working cheap are hired instead of those on welfare - Jail those who employ illegal aliens.
We should not support illegal aliens taking over Serb land - the same is going on in USA where illegal aliens from Mexico, flow into USA.
Jail for felony anyone that employes illegal aliens - a bounty on illegal aliens payed for by those who employ illegal aliens.
Stop SSI payments to illegal aliens - and their family members who come in to USA.
1. Bring troops off DMZ in Korea put them on US, Mexico border. 2. Order that all dopers and illegal alliens have ten days to move to Mexico. After that all dopers (even those US citizens) and illegal aliens and those who employ illegal aliens would be sterilized and forced into Mexico. 3. Expose those who have profited from the weapons nuclear buildup and seize their property for their frads against taxpayers.
Stop educating illegal aliens from Mexico turn them in to INS as illegal aliens.

He's not crazy about some of our Middle Eastern planet dwellers, either.

Let them crazy Arabs kill each other the world will be a better place

Well, maybe I have an idea why "Al" has had so many unsuccessful runs at political offices-he just can't seem to appeal to dopers and illegal aliens!!! And the NAZI HELMET doesn't help him out much, either!!!

Political experience:

Candidate, Nebraska, United States Senate, 2000, 2002

Candidate, United States President, 2000

Candidate, United States House of Represetatives, 1972-1992

Candidate, United States Senate, Wyoming, 1990

Candidate, Governor of Wyoming, 1988

Candidate, US Congress,Wyoming, 1986.

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