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Husband calls foul after seeing wife on porn site 

Thu Feb 12, 7:32 AM ET 

ATHENS (Reuters) - An angry husband who came across a video of his wife having sex with her lover on the Internet called the police who arrested a man suspected of filming a string of people without their consent, police say.

The 25-year-old cheating wife had been secretly filmed and the video was posted on the net when the man stumbled across it. "The husband saw his wife and immediately called a prosecutor to get his wife's clip off the net," a police source said.

After checking the suspect's computers, officers discovered hundreds of erotic clips filmed without consent which were posted on a free access site. The suspect was charged with violating a "sensitive personal information" act.


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it was HIS wife and ANOTHER guy having sex that was filmed w/o the consent of the couple having sex?

was that it?

and the HUSBAND 'happened' across the site? B)

bizarre indeed.


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She's cheating. He's surfing porn sites.

I think some help is in order for that relationship.

Should they call Oprah or Dr. Phil? :rolleyes::rolleyes::lol::lol:

Maybe Dr. Ruth?

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