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Nick Fairley


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Just heard on 104.5. He was there yesterday and interestingly Marcel Dareous(spelling) is there today interviewing. Hmmmmm. I wonder which one they had rather get? lol. I'm paraphrasing how I figured the conversation went below:

Day One with Fairley:

Titans: What's up Nick? Thanks for coming up on short notice! We love you more than anyone else we are interviewing on the D-side of the ball! Welcome to Nashville!

Nick: Hey guys, how's it going? I'm glad to be here! I love Nashville man and would really love to call it home!

Titans: Well dude we are trying to get you up here. We are moving things around. If we have our way we will somehow pick up you and your former team mate Cam Newton!

Nick: That would be sweet! I PROMISE we'd bring a ring to the Titans if you did that! Cam and I got that fast track to a championship stuff down!

Titans: We know! Man I love the way you come at people! We sure hope to have you sacking Peyton Manning by next season!

Nick: Thanks guys! I hope to be there!

Day 2: With Marcel

Titans: hi

Marcel: What's crackalackin big dog?

Titans: nothing

Marcel: yall glad I came aintcha? You know I mean shoot you mugs must love having someone from bama up here and all seein how we the best team ever!

Titans: Ummm yeah, we do love having someone from Alabama up here (under their breath, "the state that is")

Marcel: What was that?

Titans: oh nothing. So, tell us about yourself, we have never really heard of you but your agent is an Ok dude and he said you were pretty good.

Marcel: Man, I'm the bomb.com did I tell you I played for the great nick saban at Alabama

Titans:(under their breath again) not the nick we want to hear about.

Marcel: What was that?

Titans: Ok well thanks for coming!

Marcel: ummm you dont wanna know nuthin else or have me work out or nuthin like that?

Titans: nah man, your cool. Enjoy the free sams club soda that we bought for you and we'll ummm be in touch!

Marcel: oh cool man... peace!

Titans(to each other)Who was that guy? Titans(the other guy in the room) I have no idea! I think he played for those necktards down in that dirty city in Alabama.

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Dont really get the convo's there. If anything; Dareus is much better at communicating verbally.


It's called :drippingsarcasm7pa: i.e.. joking on bama. hmmmmm

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Move on then buddy. :OnTheCan: It's not really a "joke". I was just being the "Titans" and pretending that I had to choose b/w Nick and Marcel. I would obviously pick Nick. Sorry you don't find it funny. I do.

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