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Useful information from the press conference and comments made


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# So what about Chizik's staff?: The head coach revealed very little about his plans there. It's going to be him, Joe Whitt Sr., Phillip Lolley and Jimmy Perry on the recruiting trail starting this afternoon. Those three guys have high visibility among Alabama high school coaches and it's clear that Chizik wants to start exerting more influence inside Alabama.

# Pat Dye sighting: He was all over today, which is highly unusual. He was overheard telling someone: "This is the most welcome I've been here in 12 years." I thought that was interesting. He is very pro-Chizik. Why? "He's everything Jay said he was."

# 5-19?: Jacobs said Chizik essentially mortgaged the Cyclones' present to make them better in the future. The team played a lot of true freshmen this season. Jacobs said after confirming that plan with other ISU people, he basically considered Chizik's record irrelevant.

# Barkley's comments: Jacobs didn't want to talk about that. He reiterated his "best fit for Auburn" mantra and moved on to the next question.

# Tuberville staff changes: Someone (thoughtfully) asked Jacobs if Tuberville had been willing to fire people prior to his resignation. "Tommy, two weeks ago, he told me of certain changes he was going to make. And then...you know the story."

# Mo' money: Chizik apparently never asked Jacobs about money. I asked Gene about that and he gave me a stern look before insisting that he "doesn't coach for money." OK. I guess that means he's willing to donate much his $2 million salary toward feeding the homeless.

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I like what CGC said when asked what he'll tell recruits if they ask about who the OC will be.  Basically, if you're a lineman, you're going to block, if you're a wideout, you're going to catch the ball, so on and so forth.  He cuts through the mess and tells the players he'll coach them up and he'll get the right coaches on board with him.

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