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Baseball Trivia


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There are 7 ways to reach 1st base safely.  Can you name them?

I'll update the answers as they are posted.  1 answer per post to give everyone a chance.

1. Walk -- AA

2. Single -- TT

3. Hit by Pitch -- MccAmy

4. Fielder's Choice -- Weegs

5. Dropped 3rd Strike -- Dynasty

6. Error -- Dynasty

7. Catcher's interference -- Fisherman

Excellent.  Yall got em all.  Now go stump your friends with this question.  People rarely get it without help.  They either get stuck on catcher's interference or dropped 3rd strike.

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Guest Autiger88


A bunt is considered a single.

Yeah that is what I was thinking but Oh well I'm not up all the way yet! :laugh:

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