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More "love" for Jason Campbell


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Since the 2002 season, Campbell has played against twelve ranked opponents. Here is his QB rating in those 12 contests compared to the overall QB rating of fellow Auburn QB's:

Rating- Player

133.03- Nix 92-95

132.17- Burger 84-87

131.72- Campbell

131.70- Slack 86-89

131.47- Sullivan 69-71

131.03- Leard 97-00

129.65- Craig 94-97

124.08- Cobb 00-02

117.02- R.Campbell 81-83

110.51- White 90-93

99.23- L.Carter 66-68

His rating against his toughest opponents is nearly better than the overall career rating of previous Auburn QB's.

Jason Campbell...proudly serving our University!

WDE :cheer::cheer::cheer:

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he's finally getting the positive attention that he deserves! there are several articles about him this year. receivers looked really good last night too! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!

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