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SEC Championship odds


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according to Vegas these are the :sec: Championship odds to win:

:au: 11-10

:arky: 30-1

:lsu: 10-1

:msu: not listed

:om: 15-1

:ua: 75-1

:uk: 750-1

:usc: 40-1

:uf: 12-1

:uga: 9-2

:ut: 9-5

:vandy: 750-1

The first number is the amount you bet if you bet the first number:

For example you took Auburn to win the :sec: Championship. You bet $1100 dollars to win $1000...so if you win you get the $1100 and the $1000 for $2100

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You got it backwards on the text WDE, but we get the idea. As the bookmakers would say, we're the odds on favorites at this point. We just have to take one game at a time and we'll be there in Atlanta.

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I think the fact they are taking future schedule into account. LSUs toughest part (And man was that brutal) is behind them. Arky still has to play #4 Auburn and UGA.. LSU plays 5 of 6 at home against unranked opponents....

I put 1000 on Miss State... I am going to be rich !!!!

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If we lose to Arky then we will both have a one SEC loss with Arky having the tie breaker. Then if Arky wins out , they go to the SECCG.

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