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A question of character


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All thinking people change their minds occasionally. But it is one thing to alter an opinion because of new information or further reflection. It is something very different to do so out of a compulsion to tell each audience what it wants to hear. Kerry has many gifts, but political courage is not among them. As president, could he take a tough stand and stick with it, even if there were a price to pay for doing so? All the evidence to date says no.
If voters have learned anything about Kerry by now, it is that time and again he will unhesitatingly say "flip," only to subsequently say "flop."  The war in Iraq, capital punishment for terrorists, stiffer sanctions on Cuba, free trade agreements, pre-emption, defense-of-marriage laws, Israel's security fence, the Grenada invasion, the Patriot Act, reducing troop levels in Korea -- on all of these and more, Kerry has taken contradictory positions, often abandoning a politically difficult stand for one more convenient or popular.


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