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Beat the Leghumpers so bad...

DKW 86

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After a week of rest, and with the :au: nation ready for a game this important, I hope the guys come out and put it away early on National TV. Another :ut: game would do my heart good.

May we be the loudest we have ever been at J-H Main Annex. Let's right the last two season's wrongs against :uga:

So here's to beating the Leghumpers...err :uga:

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Yep I highly agree. The :au: nation needs to come out in force and yell just as loud as the 1989 :ua: Game. after all This is the GAME of the year it seems. No Doubt :uga: will come ready to play.I just hope :au: comes out from being a week off and not be sluggish...If :au: can get the first TD and Treat :uga: Just like they did against :ut: Then The :au: Nation is gonna see a White Wash at Tumors corner just like the 89 :ua: game.....And that my Friends was an :au: game to remember...

BEAT :uga: !!! :au: I know U Can...and Shut UP all the sports radio jocks here in atlanta...All I here is when :uga: beats :au: they will move way up in the polls...They dont realize that :au:

is that GOOD this year...Keep the Focus on the Prize AUBURN and dont worry about the :uga: billy goats....

Body getta Body Getta Body Getta Bod..Rah Rah Rah Sish Boom Bah..Weagle Weagle..war dam eagle....Kick :uga: in the butt BIG BLUE

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