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My thought is this. The :au: team that played this past Sat. was at the end of a nine game stretch. That in its self is a great acomplishment @ 9-0. This defense has had to prepare for two teams that have two and three qb's. I think this will help this defense when all they have to prepare for is one guy. David Green is a good qb and I have thought at times he is great, but he has played below his potential. :au: has a pocket crushing d-line and he is a pocket qb. I think this bodes very well for :au: . The offense that played :om: showed more heart than anything else. To play that sloppy in the first 27 minutes showed that they have the confidence to score from anywhere on the feild. Our special teams have been special all year. I think that this is due in part to the unity of this team. :au: has the chance to do something special. And I do belive ( to kind of tie this together) that when we look back at the :om: game we will see that it woke this team up out of the lala land of 21 point wins. And said "hey this is the chance no :au: team in 47 years has had, lets do it!!!". Just a rabbid fans thoughts :au::au:

On a numbers note:



CW+RB= 47

:au: National Champs 47 yars ago.

Makes you wonder if they knew somthing when the chose to stay!!!!

WAR EAGLE :cheer::cheer::au::cheer::cheer:

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additonally, the dates for saturdays this season are the same as in 1993. for example :au: vs :uga: in 93 november 13 and in '04 november 13.

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