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Does 2004 regular season end like 93 or 94?


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Going into the Georgia game...


Auburn ranked #7 averaging...

418yds / 32 pts on offense

292yds / 17 pts on defense


Auburn ranked #3 averaging...

414yds / 36 pts on offense

306yds / 17 pts on defense


Auburn ranked #3 averaging...

434yds / 35 pts on offense

265yds / 10 pts on defense

WDE :au::football::cheer:

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Haven't seen any predictions from you yet, Stat.  What do the cards say???


Auburn 28 Georgia 24


Okay, so now I will make my prediction.


Auburn 28

Georgia 24

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I've been saying all week AU by four. I actually think Stat is trying to steal my thunder. He uses a highly scientific and technical formula to come up with that 28-24. I let my cat do my predictions.

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