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Team Attitude Update


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For those still worried about whether the team is as distracted as some of us fans regarding the BCS, etc., or is it focused and ready for Saturday:


On the practice field, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville said his players had their eyes on the game to come.

"I could sense it Sunday," Tuberville said. "They are excited. They know the significance of this game. The seniors know this is the last game they'll ever play here. There are a lot of things going on in this game. They know they are playing a good team that is playing good."

But, Tuberville said, players have not changed their approach to preparation.

"They are relaxed, joking around, having fun," Tuberville said. "This group has had fun all year. They've been focused when they needed to be and had fun when they needed to. This has been a week I didn't want them out there just grinding it and taking all the fun out of it."

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