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wow, this does not sound good.


Penn State also has more trouble. They hire Frankiin as their football coach and then hire FSU's president Eric Barron as their new president.


It is a lurid tale.

A prestigious university, and its incredibly storied football program that won several national championships, is caught up in a sexual-abuse scandal. Even worse, an iconic football figure might have been unduly protected to the detriment of the victims.

Despite initial hopes that the situation would resolve itself quickly and quietly — sparing the university from excoriating criticism — the opposite occurred. What began as a trickle of articles snowballed into hard-hitting exposes published by world-renowned media outlets. The floodgates, flung wide open, unleashed a torrent of new stories as previously undisclosed information continued to surface.

Presiding during such a scandal, regardless of culpability, would surely make any university president beleaguered, tarnishing his reputation. So the last place on Earth to expect that president to show up would be the only other university with a bigger sex scandal on its hands, right?

Wrong. Welcome to Penn State.

In competing for the Most Moronic Move Of The Decade award, that’s exactly what Penn State’s Board of Trustees did by hiring Florida State’s Eric Barron as its new president.

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Eric Barron has a resume of being an extremely competent president at every college he's graced but he was at FSU so briefly he probably didn't hang an office picture. Attributing to him poor oversight over the Tallahassee Police handling of Winston's allegations etc is odd, and the civil rights investigation of FSU is an investigation without legs. I'm the last one to defend anything FSU and the previous FSU president WOULD be a story, he was an utter baffoon in his dotage who was a constant embarassment to the university. But with all it's poor publicity, it's impressive PSU landed Barron (who I'm happy to defend). There's maybe more than a bit of kick Penn State while they're down going on here too. (btw, the opinion to fire Barron is from...the "Delaware County Daily Times"? Come on.)

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Franklin was a perfect choice for coach given his energy, ties to region, and perception as a winner. Look at his recruiting so far. But his baggage was also pretty well understood before they hired him so it hadrisk. If it doesn't go away as just legal noise and there are real issues here - it'll will continue the psu, self inflicted nightmare.

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Leave it to ESPN to distort facts into a sensational headline....

James Franklin: ‘I want to be as open and transparent as I can be’

Based on the words of the prosecutor in the case, there was nothing legally untoward that occurred regarding James Franklin contacting the alleged victim of a rape for which four of his former Vanderbilt players have been charged.


The prosecutor defended Franklin’s actions toward the alleged victim earlier in the week and didn’t seem pleased that the story has taken the turn it has.

“I think he and his wife called and said they were praying for her and thinking about her. It was probably a pretty nice thing to do, and it gets thrown up like this,” deputy district attorney Tom Thurman said Wednesday. “Obviously, it wasn’t for any purpose of covering up or anything like that. It was showing support, which was a nice thing to do. That’s the only contact I know about.”

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