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2 Things I'd like to See


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1st I hope Ed Richardson gives Tuberville his "National Championship" bonus(if they beat Va Tech because Tubs did all he could.

2nd - where the new expanded part of the stadium is - I would like to see a new Gallery dedicated to this year's team. You know how they have those green galleries on the side of the stadium - there's like Bo, the 11-0 season, the first football team, etc.... I'd like to see something that says "12-0! (13-0 if they beat Tech) SEC Champions and the team in there. Maybe Stanley hoisting up Tubs after the LSU victory with Ronnie knocking over Jason Allen, and Jason Campbell. And of course Carnell somehow in there. Maybe CT, and some of the other players. Maybe add in there, "Undefeated in the Toughest Conference"

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