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Alright...hear me out on this one


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how about a "F the BCS Bowl"

It could be Cal vs. Auburn(3 vs 4) to decide the FTBCS Champion. It would be great. I feel bad for Cal also. They barely lost to the number 1 team(by less than Texas lost to OU), and are ranked number 4 in the human polls. They also should have played southern miss earlier in the season and that game wouldn't have been factored in the same. Texas almost lost to Arkansas and Kansas. Cal deserves it over Texas IMO, even though they both deserve to go. Cal should not be playing Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl...that totally sucks. With that being said....

Lets play the FTBCS Bowl precented by the CFFA(College Football Fans Association)---at the least we should make the CFFA.

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