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Our receivers have played very well this year helping Jason have much improved numbers. I know Jason has been very accurate but we got to give these guys some credit. Take a look at the yards per catch average for the group this year. Pretty good numbers. I think TT is reloading with some good talent coming in to help this group with years to come. We could probably make the argument that C. Taylor will be on some watch list the next two years if he keeps his big play ability up.


C.Taylor 38 650 17.1 6

R.Brown 34 313 9.2 1

B.Obomanu 25 359 14.4 7

D.Aromashodu 23 508 22.1 3

C.Williams 19 158 8.3 1

C.Wallace 18 267 14.8 0

A.Mix 17 226 13.3 3

S.Daniels 9 169 18.8 1

C.Stewart 6 99 16.5 0

L.Guess 4 77 19.3 0

J.Ramsey 4 61 15.3 1

C.Bennett 1 6 6.0 0

J.Watson 1 3 3.0 0

M.Anderson 1 1 1.0 1

TEAM TOTAL 200 2897 14.5 24

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All of last year, I just couldn't believe that guys like Obewon and Aromado and Taylor etc., were just not producing. What was wrong? Were they overrated, no ability to run routes, get open, catch the ball...what?

And then along came Al Borges and said "Guys, here's how it's done."

Ooooohhhh. These guys are good and will be one of the top rated receiving corps going in to next season.

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I agree. Mix, Taylor and Obewon just fight like hell after they get the ball. I don't know how many times I've thought they were down after initial contact but they kept driving, twisting and turning. Then they come out of the pack and take off.

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ct has what 1000 career receiving yards if he's lucky? he'll be here for his senior year b/c borges' offense doesn't make a ronney daniels type of season likely when you have a lot of options. i'd look for him or ben or devin to jump up with a near 1000 yard year, but none of our receivers are leaving early.

do you all really think they'll be rated highly coming into next year outside of the sec? usc is obviously still going to be tops coming back. add florida to that list with baker, caldwell, and that crew. i love our receivers, but it just seems like they never really get credit. it'd surprise me to see it happen out of the blue next preseason.

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