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offense is 'gonna sling it'


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29 minutes ago, lionheartkc said:

Are you in politics, because your really great a denial, spin, and preaching opinion as fact. You should meet Viper and Willy Guns. You'll be fast friends.

So still no proof? Thanks for playing.

Seriously, where is a half ounce of fact in that article you referenced?

When I asked about the pain he was in, about the big hit in the fourth quarter that left him awfully slow to get up, Newton smiled for the only time and said, "I'm OK; it was worth it." And he added it wasn't just one hit that put him in a golf cart.

Are you insinuating that the "it wasn't just one hit" came from prior to the game?

THAT is your proof?

You're going to have to reach harder than Harvey Updyke for THAT.

The 10:08 shot in the 4th quarter of the Oregon game was the ONLY injury to Cam in the month of January 2011.

But please do continue your denial, spin, and preaching opinion as fact.

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