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Gender ideology madness takes over in Sweden


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Sweden Mainstreams LGBT Lysenkoism

Posted By Rod Dreher On 

President Trump rarely fails to surprise with his tweets. From this morning:

After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow……

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 [1]


….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 [3]


….victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017 [4]


Good. As it happens, I checked my Twitter feed immediately after watching this 30-minute VICE documentary about a Swedish family raising their two boys “without gender.” One of the parents is an American intersex person named Del LaGrace Volcano, who writes on his/her website about parenthood like this: [5]

MaPa is the name I chose for my new role in life as a parent. Mika Alexis was born in 2011 and Nico Ilon in 2014. As someone who tries their best to walk the walk as well as talk the talk it felt important to not allow myself to be seen as a father. As a lifelong queer feminist I reject all forms of patriarchy, which in my case also means rejecting the name of the father, the son or the holy ghost. So MaPa is what I came up with, what feels right and what works for the kids and the kids they go to daycare with.

As an artist and activist with (a bit more than) a sideline in sex-gender issues the opportunity to observe how small human creatures develop, especially in terms of gender, has been enormously satisfying and constantly in flux. Our oldest child has been allowed the room to manouver [sic] outside the borders usually imposed by obedience to the binary gender system that only validates the existence of male and female, in that order.


Do not miss that apropos of nothing, Del rejects the Holy Trinity.

Below, is the short film. We do not meet the other parent in it, but we do meet the children’s troubled grandmother. Note that these children are biological males, but are being raised as female, under the guise that they are choosing to identify as gender neutral. The poor grandmother tells the film’s host that she wonders whether these children are really choosing to wear dresses and their hair long, or whether their parents are forcing this on them.

Watch the film. It’s important:


This is madness. The important thing here is not to stay focused on this one family, but to grasp the context that led the filmmakers to their doorstep. The filmmakers wanted to go to Sweden, which is perhaps the most progressive country in the world on gender issues. The government requires schools to teach gender ideology (here’s the government website explaining the rationale [6] for the state’s broad interest in re-educating society). This story from the Christian Science Monitor explores the fallout. [7] Excerpt:

In 2008, the Swedish Department of Education appointed the Delegation for Equality in Schools, which  made the issue of gender equality central to the Swedish education system. The government spent 110 million Swedish crowns ($16.3 million) on promoting equality in schools along the lines of school laws that stipulate that teachers must actively counteract gender stereotypes and promote equality.

Yet when the Green Party recently proposed placing gender pedagogues at every preschool in Stockholm [8], the capital, they were accused of promoting an extremist feminist agenda and told they were not reflecting parents’ interests. And when it emerged that some preschools have banished references to children’s genders, it sparked a national furor, revealing that while most Swedes support gender equality, not all are on board with the idea of gender-neutral child-rearing.

Can you imagine that? State-funded commissars posted in preschools to brainwash children about gender. More:

Kristina Henkel, a gender expert specializing in equality in schools, disputes the argument that gender pedagogy and neutrality are being foisted on Swedes. “Sweden has a long tradition of working with equality and this has had strong support among politicians,” she says, and adds that “the question of gender neutrality, or of everyone having equal rights despite their gender, has also been driven by activists at the grassroots level.”

But Elise Claeson, a columnist and a former equality expert at the Swedish Confederation of Professions, disagrees. “I have long participated in debates with gender pedagogues and they act like an elite,” she says. “They tend to be well-educated, live in big cities, and have contacts in the media, and they clearly despise traditional people – that is, the … heterosexuals living in nuclear families.”

This, from the piece, describes what it’s like at Egalia, one of the most radical of Swedish kindergartens on the gender front:

Egalia received widespread attention for banishing gendered pronouns and applying for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual (LGBT) certification from the Swedish Federation for LGBT Rights. At Egalia, everything from the books the children read to the toys they play with has been carefully selected to avoid stereotypical depictions of gender and relationships. When Egalia students, who are between one and six years old, play house, they are as likely to act out the roles of “mommy, daddy, child” as “daddy, daddy, adopted child.” A key policy at the school is to avoid words like boy and girl. Instead, teachers address the children by their first names or as friends.

The VICE film visits Egalia and talks with the Swedish teacher who has been the greatest national advocate for gender-neutral pedagogy. She defends it by saying everything they do is about promoting “democracy” and “anti-discrimination.”

Note this well: “democracy” and “anti-discrimination” are deployed to deny basic scientific facts. This is LGBT Lysenkoism [9], with the psyches of little children turned into the raw matter for experimentation.

It’s not just the children. Del takes Mika to visit a Steiner school that the child may attend. Later, the film shows Del writing an e-mail to all parents at the school, demanding that they all change their way of seeing gender and the family to accommodate their bizarre arrangement. Del wants the children at the school to accept that Mika has a “MaPa,” not a papa or a mama. Del writes, “We are non-binary, part of the larger trans-masculine spectrum.”

At the end of the documentary, the host asks Del if hen (the gender-neutral pronoun that was not long ago introduced into the Swedish language) worries that the kids will grow up and enter the world confused. Del says that he’s hen’s not worried, because his white, able-bodied, intelligent, “assigned male at birth” children have “a full knapsack of privileges” to protect them. So, if they have to deal with problems in the future, then:

“Gender confusion is a small price to pay for social progress.”

Hey, as Stalin, one of the great social engineers of all time, said, “When you chop wood, chips must fly.”

It is vitally important for Americans to understand that this is the world that many liberals, in particular those in charge of the Democratic Party, wish to bring into being. President Obama ordered the normalization of transgenderism in the US military, and brought about a policy that compelled the Pentagon to pay for sex-change operations for soldiers. It was the Obama administration that issued guidelines telling public schools nationwide that they must accommodate transgender students in every way, including giving them access to the locker rooms and bathrooms of their preferred gender.

And educational bureaucrats at the local level are pushing this revolution too. Last year, the leadership of Fort Worth, Texas, public schools declared a new policy [10] that would have instituted these guidelines:

  • There doesn’t need to be a medical or mental health diagnosis involved. If a male student says he’s a girl, then he’s a girl, and vice versa.
  • Schools are instructed to keep the student’s asserted gender identity hidden from parents unless authorized to share that information with them.
  • School personnel are to consider themselves to be allies of a student undergoing gender transitioning. That means not telling their parents or guardians.
  • Transgender students must have the opportunity to participate in school sports as the gender they claim to be, though they are not guaranteed this as a right.
  • Teachers are no longer to call their students “boys” and “girls,” but to use gender-neutral language to refer to them, e.g., “students”
  • Classrooms are to “feature diversity” in their classroom materials

It was only grassroots pushback from parents that stopped this thing. I hear anecdotally from parents all the time that gender ideology is mainstreamed in their kids’ public schools. This Chicago Tribune story reports on how this is happening in one school district: [11]

Teachers and administrators milled around the hallways during a break at a seminar in Naperville in late February, chatting about everything from single-stall bathrooms to appropriate pronouns to gender-neutral uniforms.

The conference, called “A Day in the Life of Transgender Students,” explored policies and cultural changes to promote transgender inclusion in elementary, middle and high school, sponsored by the Naperville Community Network for Professionals Serving LGBT Youth. It was the third-annual seminar of its kind, attended by roughly 150 educators from 23 school districts in DuPage, Kane, Cook and McHenry counties.

A kindergarten teacher asked for advice on how to respond when parents would ask whether a student was a boy or a girl, because the child was consistently bucking gender stereotypes. One participant lamented how even innocuously starting the day with “hello boys and girls” can be rough for kids who aren’t sure where they fit.

A west suburban mom spoke of her son who is now in college, noting that it was a third-grade teacher who persuaded the mom to stop forcing her son to wear “girl” clothes, and it was a fifth-grade teacher who explained to her that her child was transgender.

“You educate the parents as you educate the kids,” she said. “You are the front line.”

So, to stop students from bullying children (!) who identify as transgender — and make no mistake, there can be no place in schools for bullying of any kind! — we have to brainwash children and their parents to reject male and female — which even stone-cold secularists know is the product of tens of thousands of years of human evolution.

Religious people, don’t be fooled, either: when this Del person says that she rejects the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, she’s saying too that she rejects the religion that proclaims the Holy Trinity. This is exactly how these cultural revolutionaries are going to brainwash children whose families confess a religion that teaches that God made humans male and female (Genesis 5:2) to reject their religion as hateful. And, if they are allowed to prevail, in the name of “anti-discrimination” they will ultimately have Christians, Jews, Muslims, and secular people who believe that male and female are biologically embedded norms treated as bigots in the law.

When I wrote here the other day that I believe the Democratic Party wants to tear down Western civilization, this is the kind of thing I was talking about. They are so radical that they want to re-engineer civilization from the ground up, even to the point of denying biological facts. In so doing, they are destroying the conditions necessary for a stable, thriving society. From the Democratic Party’s website: [12]

Experience tells us that progress is incremental — just as President Obama said, “step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind.”

Democrats are ready to continue to strive for progress. Leaders in Congress and around the country will fight alongside the LGBT community for full equality under the law, ending harmful conversion therapy for LGBT youth, and full legal protection for transgender Americans.

This is a big reason why many cultural conservatives who cannot abide Donald Trump find him less of a threat to social order and the common good than we find the Democrats. Whatever crackpot things Trump may so or do, he does not support tearing down the basic social constructs of ordinary human society, and brainwashing children, as if traditional families were kulaks [13] whose normative identity needs to be obliterated for the sake of the revolution.

Do you think most Democrats at the grassroots level want their children educated in this way? I don’t. If the Democratic Party would stop this, and stop threatening religion and the family, focusing instead on jobs and economics, they could be the majority party in America. But they cannot do it. As the Swedish critic of gender ideology put it about the activists in her country:

“They tend to be well-educated, live in big cities, and have contacts in the media, and they clearly despise traditional people – that is, the … heterosexuals living in nuclear families.”

This is a pretty fair description of the people who fund the Democratic Party and who hold the high ground within the party. These are the people control the universities, which as someone said the other day, have replaced churches as the dominant catechists of American society. These are the people who control the means of production of news and entertainment.

If we as a civilization lose the basic idea of what it means to be male and female — and these powerful elites are trying to make that happen — then there is no hope for us, except in pockets where people have held on to these fundamental realities, and raised their children to reject this insanity.

Watch the VICE documentary. Sweden is the paradise our own progressives have in mind for America. If you doubt it, just look at the Fort Worth guidelines. This is real.

UPDATE: Forgot to add this about Trump. Note well that he announced this radical policy shift not from the Pentagon, or even by informing the Pentagon. He put it out on Twitter. This video is also going around this morning:

.@Scaramucci [14] on @realDonaldTrump [15]: "The first American @POTUS [16] in U.S. history that enters the @WhiteHouse [17] with a pro-gay rights stance." pic.twitter.com/6Ns3i9QlLw [18]

— LogCabinRepublicans (@LogCabinGOP) July 25, 2017 [19]

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js [2]

I believe Trump did this not out of any firm, principled stance, but based solely on a political calculation. He is cynical in the extreme. Still, I’m glad he did it.

UPDATE.2: I agree with Ben Shapiro:

I don't disagree with Trump's policy decision on transgenders in the military, but why not allow Mattis to lay it out?

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) July 26, 2017 [20]


Honestly, I'm hard pressed to come up with something more obviously absurd being swallowed as absolute, inviolable truth as this stuff.  It feels like all of Western society is completely losing its grip on reality 

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"Honestly, I'm hard pressed to come up with something more obviously absurd being swallowed as absolute, inviolable truth as this stuff.  It feels like all of Western society is completely losing its grip on reality "

You may be over playing that card.

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2 hours ago, augolf1716 said:

Strange times we live in

Certainly is. My family, friends, and acquaintances have never expressed a "gender problem". Seems to be an issue with many people today. Guess some of us live in an isolated world.

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2 hours ago, SaltyTiger said:

Certainly is. My family, friends, and acquaintances have never expressed a "gender problem". Seems to be an issue with many people today. Guess some of us live in an isolated world.

That's certainly true.

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