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Maher: Republicans Heads we win, Tails we coup...

DKW 86

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4 hours ago, DKW 86 said:


This is the primary reason I’ll likely vote for Democrats despite the excesses on the left. A healthy democracy can handle pendulum swings. A healthy democracy can right itself. The excesses of the right are leading us to a place we will not likely recover. The best thing for a country in 2024, however, is not necessarily a Democratic President. It’s a reasonable Republican who truly believes in democracy and the rule of law and understands that losing is part of the process, not evidence the system is corrupt. If that person can win the Republican nomination, he or she may start to repair the party. But we’re not likely to have that choice.

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Totally Agree. Unless trump goes to jail, I am afraid we all know how this probably plays out. 

While I do not see a ton of difference in the way they govern nor their donors, the Sanctity of Elections is a HUGE difference. 

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