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holy sh*t, Joe Biden ate Kevin McCarthy's lunch

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holy s***, Joe Biden ate Kevin McCarthy's lunch

play stupid debt ceiling games, win stupid debt ceiling prizes

May 30
“get in, loser. we’re going negotiating.”

the Freedom Caucus ****faces are pissed. they’re melting all the way down and calling for Kevin McCarthy to lose his job as House Speaker.

oh Kevin, you vapid hapless dope. you brought this on yourself.

play stupid debt ceiling games, win stupid debt ceiling prizes.

I know: it should have never gotten this far. there should never have been any negotiations. I’d been calling all along for Biden to abandon the debt ceiling charade, tell the Republicans to go **** themselves, invoke the 14th Amendment and just get on with the business of paying America’s bills.

but Biden wanted a negotiated deal, and I admit that I had low expectations.

because Kevin McCarthy held all the cards. he had an atomic bomb in his toolbox: default. the one thing that Joe Biden didn’t want to have happen.

just keep threatening fiscal armageddon, that’s all Kev had to do.

but somehow, when the smoke cleared, Kevin managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and end up on the losing end.


and now wingnut heads are exploding and it’s ******* glorious.


oh Kevin, you silly underachieving dipshit, you wanted so much to be Speaker that you manacled your survival to the whims of the stupidest ******* bomb-throwing maniacs in the House. and now they hate your ineffective guts.

I don’t know what Jedi mind tricks Joe Biden played.

all I know is this: Joe Biden has been in government since 1974. Joe Biden is better at politics than your or I, and Joe Biden sure as **** is better at politics than Kevin McCarthy.

never bet against Joe Biden.

Kevin McCarthy is a child. and as we all know, Joe Biden knows how to deal with children.


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