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Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0


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The world sees the spectacular weakness in Biden. There is no hiding it. And who is responsible? The Democrats who installed him to wreak his dreams upon the world.

It is Biden’s own policies that fuel both war in Ukraine and feed Iran’s war machine. It’s all about the oil and continuation of ruinous policy from Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Biden apologists—including those Iran apologists within his administration—refuse to acknowledge that he and Obama have allowed Iran to reap $70 billion in petrodollars to fund Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism against Israel.

Even the constant protection of the corrupt corporate media no longer works for Biden as it once did.  He’s weak. He’s afraid of Iran. He appeases Iran.

His disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was only the beginning. The people see what he’s done. They’re waking up. They know.


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Even though Biden has had a road map to stay out of the potholes he seems to have found every one of them.

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