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Some big changes this week fueled by a few things:

1) bama is better then I expected

2) Florida and UT are worse then I expected

3) after watching the Aggies in person, TAMU is horrible

4) Cal looks really good - as does ASU, but I can't let the Sun Devils climb after a loss

5) I still think AU Beats bama, but bama deserves the higher ranking right now

6) I think FSU found a QB, and I now consider them dangerous

1) USC (1)

2) Virginia Tech (2)

3) Texas (3)

4) FSU (21)

5) UGA (6)

6) Notre Dame (7)

7) Ohio State (5)

8) Texas Tech (9)

9) Wisconsin (12)

10) Cal (20)

11) bama (22)

12) Michigan State (13)

13) Georgia Tech (15)

14) Auburn (16)

15) Miami (17)

16) Virginia (11)

17) LSU (14)

18) Louisville (18)

19) ASU (8)

20) UCLA (23)

21) Florida (4)

22) Tennessee (22)

23) Oregon (NR)

24) Michigan (NR)

25) Boston College (NR)

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I am in agreement with most of your rankings. I still am not convinced Texas Tech is all that good. They get a test, finally, as they travel to play Nebraska this Saturday. I think Arizona State is the best 2 loss team in the country. Still not sure about Michigan, in games I have seen their defense is not good, but they beat Michigan St, who beat Notre Dame, but Um has gotten beat by Wisconsin, who might be a suprise team. UT is coming into their own after Phat PHil finally decided on one QB. They will be good and tough as long as Ainge stays on the bench.

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Good call. uat could not help but be "better than expected." They do not, however, deserve to be in the top ten. Time and a few more games will take care of that.

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