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Fred Rouse


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What was the whole thing with him on the sidelines with the coach? I wish he would have signed with bammer, he's the kind of self-promoting player they need.

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To be fair, even FSU fans are angry at him


Anyone see Rouse yelling at the defense? Totally uncalled for. He's a freshman, then he pushes a coach. I wish he would have been sat for the rest of the game. I don't know who he thinks he is, but he's a freshman and has no right to say anything to the defense until he's served his time on the team. And not only that, he made us waste a timeout cause they couldn't find him. Terrible. Hope he learned his lesson tonight. Keep his mouth shut
These are the types of guys who scare the hell out of me if I'm trying to run a program. Coach-killers. Guys who think they're better than they are and play the role of Moss without the accolades. The most disturbing thing was that they seemed to give in by throwing him the ball the next time he stepped out there. IMO, with the development of the new guys, WR is FSU's deepest spot. There are plenty of guys who look a lot better who also look like they're willing to work--Carr and Fagg especially, though maybe Fagg is hurt now?? I would've sat him down and he wouldn't see the field for me. He's not better than Reid or Davis and not even approaching what Fagg and Carr will soon be, so why bother?
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Well they couldn't have picked a better game to suspend them could they? Duke????

If FSU left the entire first team offense & defense at home, would Duke even have a chance then?


Sept 3 at East Carolina L, 24-21

Sept 10 vs Virginia Tech L, 45-0

Sept 17 vs VMI W, 40-14

Sept 24 at Virginia L, 38-7

Oct 1 vs Navy L, 28-21

Oct 8 at Miami Fl L, 52-7

Oct 15 vs Georgia Tech L, 35-10

Oct 22 vs Florida St 3:30 PM

Oct 29 vs Wake Forest TBA

Nov 5 at Clemson TBA

Nov 19 at North Carolina TBA

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