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Breaking The Ice!!??? PC/USC


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Carroll "breaks the ice" for USC.


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Posted by Irishmania on November 01, 2005 at 17:25:33

POST EDITED AT: Tue Nov 1 17:26:48 2005

Recently, to alleve some tension at USC, Slippery Pete and LenDale White decided to play a "prank" on the rest of the Trojan team in practice.

The Setup: Before practice, while the entire team is warming up, White goes ballistic complaining about not getting the ball enough. Carroll promptly kicks LenDale out of practice and tells his team about moving on without a key player and rising to the occasion etc. etc.

Later, on a tall building over the practice field a figure dressed up like White is seen and screaming is heard. All the players practicing stop and think they are seeing LenDale losing it.

Suddenly, a figure comes up from behind and throws LenDale off the building. After some initial shock Pete does his "gotcha!" and despite some players who bought it, everyone realizes they've been "Punk'd".

Tensin broken...I guess...

I just saw this on the Jim Rome show and of course that A$$hat thinks it was a brilliant move.

A prank of throwing someone off a building is wrong on so many levels that I'm not even gonna comment on it.

This should get more PR in the coming days. I think...

I wouldn't pi$$ on Pete Carroll if he was on fire. I'd watch him burn.

I guess it's ok to everyone that USC is a haven for gangstas, murders, pornographers and drup fiends...and one serious idiot of a coach.

Sorry if this has already been discussed and forgotten but I just found out about it.

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Sounds a little psycho to me. - LanceManion 18:28 11/01 (0)

Stop acting like Eddie Murphy got a hold of you. - BigGame 18:17 11/01 (0)

It must be nice to be able to Play Pranks during Practice! - tyler1256f 18:12 11/01 (0)

only thing better is if - Smash_Mouth 18:03 11/01 (0)

I thought it was funny... - lady_irish 17:30 11/01 (2)

Weis would never do something like this. - Irishmania 17:47 11/01 (1)

Gotcha. I guess I just wasn't offended.* - lady_irish 18:10 11/01 (0)

That's very funny.* - LanceHarbour 17:27 11/01 (0)


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:au: PC is certainly not worried .. <_<

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I guess it's ok to everyone that USC is a haven for gangstas, murders, pornographers and drup fiends...

Did this comment annoy anyone else? Way to go Irishmania you just made your statements invalid in my eyes. have some more tact than that

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