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What Does a bama Dog Do?

Proud Tiger

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OK, it's a slow Sunday afternoon so time for a bama joke.

A bama fan showed up at a game with a little dog with a red collar and a little red sweater with an A on the back. The gate guard said "hey, that's a cute dog but you have to have a ticket for him too." The man replied, "Yes, I know. I take him to all the games. When we beat LSU, he will run from the top of the stands to the bottom skipping every other step. When we beat Tennessee, he will turn little back flips. When we beat Florida, he will walk up and down the asile on his front paws."

The guard smiled and asked, Well, that's really something. What does he do when we beat Auburn?"

The man looked down and said, "I don't know I've only had him four years." :cheer:

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