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Hey guys, I just got back from the stadium and wanted to shout a big War Eagle for the W from our boys. They played well. Took a little bit to find their rythm, but they got it done.

I was not able to make it, but for anyone that made it to Tiger Walk - will you tell me how it went? I will admit I am not in favor of the new Walk, but I can't comment on it since I did not attend. Did you feel the same atmosphere?

Just a few thoughts on the game: I felt our defense was a little weak on open field tackles. CTT and WM will have to work on that these next two weeks. Offenses won't be rushing around the tackles - they'll have to go up the gut. That being said, Josh Thompson and Marks/Smith/Whoever the DTs are need to clog that middle. When they pushed up front, the rushing game for WSU went nowhere - but if they got through that line, our LBs weren't going to make a stop. Aairon Savage made some nice plays and did great for a first start. I still think Wilhite is our best DB.

Brad Lester is GOOD!!! He is really good and that is all that can be said about that. That HB screen - how does Al Borges perfect that so well. But I hope we don't depend on that all the time.

Cox - started off rough, but made a great decision on that 3rd down scramble. Finally became comfortable and made better throws after the first quarter was over with. He was much smarter this year - not making passes when being sacked.

I was worried b4 the game, but I'm feeling better since the W

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I agree with your post I was glad to get the win! I was so impressed with Irons and Lester both looked so good, some of the move Irons made was awesome I cant wait to see him the rest of the season WDE!

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