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You can now buy your own personal submarine

Tiger in Spain

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The world's first personal submarines have been launched with a price tag of £65 000 (about R910 000).

Dutch designers claim the subs will make owners feel like they are "flying through the water".

The one-seater version is 2,7m long, and the 3,3 model seats two. Owners who really want to impress can get go-faster stripes and custom paint jobs.

The tiny C-Quester can dive to 50 metres and cruise beneath the waves at up to four knots using electric-propelled thrusters.

It can stay underwater for two-and-half hours straight or 36 hours in the event of an emergency.

The vessel's high-strength pressure hull allows the pilot to submerge in a totally dry cockpit and surface straight from the maximum depth without risk of decompression problems.

Makers U-Boat Worx, which took three years to perfect the subs, said: "Never before has it been possible for the public to explore the underwater world with a one-atmosphere submarine."

But budding Jacques Cousteaus will need to get an underwater pilot's license before they get behind the wheel.


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A great line from the beginning of the movie:

The Captain of the sub tells John Lennon soon after they board: "Don't pull that lever!"

Lennon: "Ah cahn't 'elp it -- ah'm a born Leverpuller." :lol:

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