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2007 Recruiting - SEC


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5. Auburn

The class is heavy on ... The defensive line. Auburn's defense relies on speed and quickness, but it doesn't work if the front four isn't getting the job done. Ends Antoine Carter, Bo Harris and A.J. Greene are three of the better prospects, while Kyle Coulahan and Tim Lamb have ready-made size to clog up the middle. The Tigers didn't ignore the back seven with the strength of the class in the secondary and Josh Bynes and Eltoro Freeman for the linebacking corps.

The player who'll someday be a really big deal ... LB Josh Bynes

The player you might care about this year ... QB Kodi Burns

What it all means to the real world of college football ... Talk about recruiting to type, Auburn got small, lightning fast linebackers, big, physical defensive backs, and tall offensive tackles who could fill out and become NFL top prospects (like 6-7, 295-pound Lee Ziemba). Watch out for RB Enrique Davis and WR Chris Slaughter right away, while QB Kodi Burns to get meaningful playing time behind Brandon Cox.

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That overview is honestly pretty bad IMO.

1) The class is MUCH heavier on offensive linemen than it is defensive linemen. Coulahan was recruited as an offensive lineman, not as a defensive lineman, and Harris may not even end up at DE.

2) Kodi Burns as the player we should care about this year? I doubt it. If you want guys who IMO will get immediate playing time (or compete for playing time) you should focus on Slaughter, McNeil, and Byrum.

3) We signed two "small, lightning fast linebackers" (one of which likely wont even qualify) compared to the 3-4 jumbo linebackers we signed (Bynes, Herring, Harris - likely start at LB, Zinn).

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Possibly the worst description of this year's recruting class i've ever seen...

Class heavy on: Oline, DB, LB...

WORST part of the class: DL... we didn't get the big SDE that we wanted...we got 1 DT and 2 raw DE... I love our guys...but we struck out a lot...

Player we should care about? Byrum kicks a 50 yard field goal..not too shabby... McNeil ESPN top 10 player... Ziemba prototype NFL LT... Bo Harris big fast LB...

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